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Chrome Moly pipe has become a standard in the power generation industry and the petro-chemical industry, not only because of its tensile strength, corrosion resistance and high-temperature strength, but also for its cost-effectiveness. Grades P-11, P-22 - P-91 & P-92 are prevalent grades for the power industry, while P-5&P-9 are the major refinery processing grades utilized.
Eckhardt Steel specializes in supplying heavy wall carbon and chrome-moly steel pipe, fittings, and flanges used extensively in the oil & gas and power generation industries as well as for manufacturing and construction applications. Our strong relationships with manufacturers across the world and expertise in sourcing quality pipe and components have been the catalysts to our extraordinary growth.
We are now the largest stocking distributor of seamless pipe in the India with over 40,000 tons of material ready for immediate shipment. Stocked in our 20-acre facility in Gujarat & Maharashtra, we can ship just about anywhere in the world within 30 to 45 days

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Chrome Moly Pipe Specifications & Grades With IBR & NON IBR Requirements
1/4” Nominal to 24”O.D. Seamless Pipe
Wall Thickness – Schedule 40 through XXH
SA335 & A335 – Grades P5, P9, P11, P22, P91, P92

Chrome Moly Welded Pipe with IBR & NON IBR Requirements
16" OD and Larger
Wall Thickness – Up to 3.000"
Specifications & Grades
A691 – Grades:

  • 1 ¼ Chrome (equal to P-11)
  • 2 ¼ Chrome (equal to P-22)
  • 91 Chrome (equal to P-91)
  • 5 Chrome (equal to P-5)
  • 9 Chrome (equal to P-9)

Flanges & Fittings

Alloy Butt Weld Fittings: A/SA-234
  • WP-5, WP-9, WP-11 (Class 1 & 2), WP-22 (Class 1 & 3), WP-91, WP-92
Alloy Forged Fittings & Flanges: A/SA-182
  • F-5, F-9, F-11 (Class 1 & 2), F-22 (Class 1 & 3), F-91, F-92

Chrome Moly Tube in the following Spec/Grades:
SA213 / A213 – Grades (limited sizes) T-5, T-9, T-11, T-22, T-91
SA210 / A210 – Grade A1
Mechanical Tubing in the following Spec/Grades:
A519 – Grades 1026, 4130, 4140

Chome Molybdenum steel plate, often known as Chrome Moly, is usually sold as ASTM A387 or ASME SA387. A387 is alloy steel plate that is designed for use in pressure vessels, process vessels and boilers operating at high temperatures.
There are ten grades of Chromium Molybdenum steel plate (A387) 2,12, 11, 22, 22L, 21, 21L, 9 and 91 specified by ASTM/ASME, though A387 grades 2, 21, 21L and 22L are generally not available at steel stockholders and have to be ordered in mill quantities. Chrome moly grades 9 and 91 are also less popular and are often difficult to obtain.
All Chrome Moly plates are killed and thermally treated as required by ASTM A387 which also specifies minimum and maximum quantities of the following elements in the steel: chemical requirements for carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, vanadium, columbium, boron, nitrogen, aluminum, titanium, and zirconium.
A387 plate has to undergo product, chemical and tensile testing (which is documented in the MTC or material test certificate) – with specific requirements that have to be met for tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation.

Chrome Moly plate is popular in the oil and gas industry for on and offshore production facilities because of the alloy’skey properties.

High Tensile Strength at High Temperatures
A387 Chrome Moly steel has a much higher heat resistance than other carbon steels and it is thus exceptionally useful for applications where hot fluids or gases are being processed at high temperatures.
The chromium and the molybdenum are the key alloying elements. They provide many of the properties of stainless steel at a reduced costs. (typically A387 alloy steel has 0.5% t0 5% Chromium content as opposed to 16% in stainless steel)

  • ASTM A387 Grade 12 Class 2, 1% chromium – 1/2% Molybdenum – Effective working temperature up to 560°C
  • ASTM A387 Grade 11 Class 2, 1.25% chromium – 1/2% Molybdenum – Effective working temperature up to 575°C
  • ASTM A387 Grade 22 Class 2, 2.25% chromium – 1% Molybdenum – Effective working temperature up to 600°C

Excellent Corrosion and Oxidation Resistance
The Molybdenum component in the SA387 alloy, as well as increasing the tensile strength at high temperatures, also provides high resistance against oxidation and corrosion by increasing the lattice strain of the steel structure. This effectively stops the corrosive agents from dissolving the iron out of the steel structure.

More About Chrome Moly Plate
ASTM A 387, ASME SA 387, is one of our most pressure vessel steel products. It is a low alloy pressure vessel quality steel for high temperatures. We have a wide range of plate sizes available and thicknesses range from 6 – 100mm

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